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7 Incredible Things You Can Make with Smoking Gun

They say life is in the details but more often than not we don’t see them and many times take for granted. A delicious steak dinner after a good paycheck; a lazy sunday brunch featuring your scrumptious chocolate chip pancakes with the kids; that 8pm glass of wine after a very long day of work, school and helping the kids with their homework. Tiny little details that you just can’t live without, but often forget they're there.

That is why it’s important to pay attention to those details, because like smoke they are present for just a moment. We truly enjoy these small windows of bliss that male the joys of life possible and we feel inspired to make creations like Fuma Homia smoking gun. You can read about Fuma at Best Cold Smokers Buyer’s Guide

Our smoking gun recipes remix these wonderful little delights into a mouthful of overwhelming bliss! It takes those beautiful life moments and adds a twist of misty sensation you’ll never forget. Let’s start with the most important meal of the day!

Smoke Breakfast

smoked breakfast

Smoking gun for cooking breakfast, who would have thought? But the truth is you can smoke almost anything, including eggs, bacon, you know...the works. We bet you had NO IDEA that you can smoke pancakes! Oh even better, blueberry pancakes...mind...blown!

Yes! In fact, it is not that hard at all; many of our smoking guns reviews do say it’s super easy to use. For this little experiment all you need is to mix up the end result so you finished making your grandma’s super secret blueberry pancake recipe and you’re ready to serve or so you thought!

Plate the stack of pancakes and cover with our smoking lid, then load the gun with applewood chips, turn on and light it up! You want to start on high but then take it down to low; let the sweet smoke engulf the stack for 1-2 minutes for ultimate goodness!

Serve with your favorite flavored syrup and enjoy!

Smoke Lunch

smoked lunch

Have you ever smoked a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Or a shrimp salad? It’s pretty cool, you’ll feel like a mad scientist! You’ll give lunch time a kick with the rich flavor of hickory...Oh, and the smell will drive your co-workers crazy!

All you need to do is place your already prepped meal under our smoking lid, then load the gun with your preferred wood chips, turn on and light it up! You want to start on high but then take it down to low; let the tangy smoke drown your plate  for 1-2 minutes for ultimate taste!

Reveal your masterpiece and enjoy!

Smoke Dinner

smoked salmon

At this point you’ve probably noticed you can smoke, just about anything...even pizza! So, come dinner time give your kids something that they will look forward to eating! They’ll think they’re eating a volcano eruption!

One of our fav. from our recipe collection is our homemade smoked salmon, your kids will LOVE this one and it’s a win win situation because they’re eating healthy and you are happy for it!

Smoke Dessert

smoked desserts

Yes we went there! Who said you can’t smoke chocolate? Kids already love doughnuts, so take it to the ultimate level! Our favorite example are our cinnamon smoked doughnuts where we combine the classic apple-cinnamon love affair with our doughnuts and applewood chips.

You can taste the fluffy enfusion of sweet flavors taking control of your five senses!

Smoke Your Drink

smoking gun cocktails

Let’s face it we all enjoy the occasional happy hour bloody mary, so why not enjoy a smoked cocktails!

This is where our smoking lid comes in handy! It’s especially built to smoke drinks; all you need to do is cover the drink with our smoking lid and place the hose through the little opening on the lid. Then, load the gun with your preferred wood chips, for red wine we recommend cherry wood chips and hickory for our bloody mary recipe!

Lastly, turn on and light up Fuma! You want to start on high but then take it down to low; let the tangy smoke drown your plate for 1-2 minutes for ultimate taste!

Smoke Raw

meat in smoking gun

So far we’ve told you to smoke your end results BUT what about how to cold smoke meat? Well, this method we like to use for our meat lovers because they LOVE an even tastier meat!

All you need to do is after you’ve seasoned your steak place it in a vacuum sealed bag, place fuma’s hose in the bag before sealing it. then load the gun with your hickory wood chips, turn on and light it up! You want to start on high but then take it down to low; let the tangy smoke drown your plate for 1-2 minutes for ultimate taste!

Smoke Everything in Between

smoked coffee

We’ve talked about smoking fish, meat, doughnuts and even cocktails; but we’ve yet to cover...EVERYTHING ELSE! So to avoid giving you a general scope of things let’s talk coffee!

For all you coffee lovers out there, we thought of you! The fun part about  cold smoke coffee is the first it doesn’t affect the temp. So you can drink hot or cold it won’t matter, and second, you can smoke however way you want to!

You can smoke the beans and brew, smoke the grounds and then brew, or our favorite, smoke the beans, brew and smoke again. The possibilities are endless!  Our favorite smoking coffee recipe is double smoked applewood infused coffee! The bitter sweet taste and the amazing mixture of smells will inspire you to be your own barista!

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