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Who's this book for?

For everyone! Whether you are a stranger in the kitchen or consider it your second home, clear step-by-step instructions will lead you to the path of success in everything you decide to smoke.

EVERY cookbook should have photos of the finished recipe. This one has them! Large well-photographed recipes as they should look once you've completed what seem to be pretty easy recipes but will probably shock your friends when they see whats for dinner. Nothing in here is too complicated, and there are some super new ideas for smoked food. This book belongs in your cookbook library.

Really awesome smoking recipes for pretty much anything you can imagine. The author breaks it down into simple steps that are super easy to follow, and let me tell you, the results are absolutely delicious! If you're looking for an amazing Father's Day present, look no further.

This book was a godsend for me. It not only provides amazing recipes, but also teaches you how to smoke various foods using different types of wood chips. Craving a smoked beef hamburger (which I highly recommend)? No worries! This book has fascinating recipes for snacks, main courses, and desserts. It's an incredible book!

The Author’s passion for what he does translates from every page and fills me up with the motivation to expand my knowledge and cooking preferences. I could never imagine I would be adding smoke to the traditional dishes. I love it!

As a big lover of smoked food, I always struggled to find a good combination of the food smoke. Through his recipes, Joss took my love for smoked dishes to another level, by making them simple, quick, and delicious. I’ve never experienced so much joy while cooking before!


Yes. We print our books on Amazon and ship anywhere globally, debiting your credit card for the dollar price converted to your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

75 delicious recipes - All recipes are equipped with full-color photos, shopping suggestions, and the author’s secret tips and tricks. This essential cookbook is a game-changer for smoking gun owners who want to get a restaurant quality and experience without expert help.

Bonus section. What can make a fantastic meal even better? If you said “an equally amazing cocktail”, you are correct! We have included 5 fan-favorite smoked cocktail recipes to put a cherry on top of your meal. Believe us, this is also a new level of alcohol consumption.


Yes, the book explores a variety of cultural cuisines from around the world. It includes recipes and insights into popular dishes from regions such as Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Absolutely! This book emphasizes cooking from scratch and provides step-by-step instructions for preparing meals using fresh ingredients. It will help you develop fundamental cooking skills and techniques.

Yes, this culinary book can be an excellent choice as a present. It caters to individuals who have a passion for cooking and want to improve their culinary skills. Whether the recipient is a beginner or an experienced cook, they can benefit from the comprehensive guide, diverse recipes, and helpful tips included in the book. Additionally, this is a real gem with its sturdy hard cover, stunning design, and high-quality photos.


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