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Smokey Guacamole

Mesquite wood chips 1
Avocado 1
Chopped jalapeño 2- 3 oz
Pickled red onion 2 oz
Mixed cilantro ½ a bowl
Charred green onions ½ a bowl
Lime juice 1 oz (2 tsp)
Chopped tomato 2 oz
Salt 0.5 oz


  • Before starting your dish make sure to char your green onions before mixing;
  • Break avocado in half, remove its seed and scoop out with a spoon all but the fruit’s skin;
  • Place the avocado’s interiors in a mixing bowl along with ½ a bowl of charred green onions, ½ a bowl of mixed cilantro, 2 oz  of pickled red onion, 2- 3 oz of chopped jalapeño (depends on how spicy you want it) and 2 oz of chopped tomato;
  • Season with salt and lime juice to your preference and mix until all ingredients are combined;
  • After guacamole is done, insert Fuma’s hose onto the mixing bowl and seal with saran wrap so the smoke doesn’t escape;
  • Place mesquite wood chips into the smoking chamber, turn on the smoking gun and light the chips;
  • Let smoke cover the entire bowl, turn off gun and remove hose while sealing bowl (make sure very little smoke escapes) and let it set for 5 minutes for maximum flavor;
  • When time is up, remove plastic, stir & repeat the process and your dish is ready to serve!

 NOTE: After placing in serving bowl seal and smoke for 30 sec. and release when ready to eat for presentation (Optional).

Device: Smoking Gun