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Fuma Kissed Marinated Grilled Chicken

Hickory and mesquite wood chips ¾
Chicken breast (as many you’d like)
Garlic cloves 5
Rosemary roots 2-3
Olive oil ½ oz
Vinegar ½ oz
Lime juice ½ oz
Garlic powder ½ oz
Pepper ½ oz
Salt ½ oz
Mixed onions (red, white & green) ½ cup


  • Season chicken breast(s) with ½ oz of salt, ½ oz of pepper and ½ oz of garlic powder;
  • Marinate overnight for maximum flavor- place chicken breast(s) in a ziplock bag with  ½ oz lime juice, ½ oz vinegar, ½ oz olive oil and 2-3 rosemary roots; Shake and place in the fridge overnight;
  • After marinated, set frying pan with olive oil in medium until it starts to sizzle. Then cook well on both sides and remove when chicken is light gold (135-140 degrees);
  • Once done, plate the chicken and let it cool for 3 to 5 minutes; then place an upside down clear bowl or container over it;
  • Insert the smoking gun’s hose into the container and seal; combine ¾ of hickory and mesquite wood chips and place them into the smoking chamber;
  • Turn on the smoking gun and light the chips letting the smoke cover the entire bowl,power down gun and remove hose while sealing bowl (make sure very little smoke escapes);
  • Let the smoke set for 5 minutes; when time is up, remove plastic and your chicken is ready to surve.

 NOTE: After plating you can smoke again for 30 sec. and release when ready to eat for presentation (Optional).

Device: Smoking Gun