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What drinks to serve to your guests? And how to do it right?

Organization of a party is a serious and complicated matter. In terms of finance, effort and time, in most cases it surpasses all other "aspects" of the holiday (even at weddings this happens) - whether it's a script, entertainment or conditional "work" with guests and transport. 

That's just 90% of the thoughts about the party are thoughts about the menu, that is, the "systematics" of preparing and serving various dishes. While only a miserable tenth of the total attention is “given” to drinks. 

But this is a serious miscalculation. After all, properly selected drinks can “pull out” even a frankly unsuccessful menu, and they can even turn a good table into a “triumph of gastronomy”. 

 Let’s try to figure out what kind of drinks should be served to guests at the party, and how to do it correctly.


Good alcoholic cocktails are practically the cornerstone of the “bar card” at parties or holidays where such drinks will generally be appropriate (corporate parties, birthdays, youth weddings, and so on). And they “come in” especially well in the summer, in nature or in locations associated with it. Although they order various "daiquiris" with "margaritas", of course, in winter.

Much depends on the gastronomy, but in general, the organizers of the celebrations, as well as professional bartenders, advise serving three different "types" of cocktails (or one or two of them).

  • Simple cocktails. These are the most banal "mixes" - for example, from dry white wine and apple juice. They quench their thirst well and go well with almost any dish.
  • Refreshing cocktails. If it's hot outside (or at least very warm), you can't forget about the famous Mojito. Prepare more ice, fruits - and go! 
  • "Beautiful" cocktails. At more solemn holidays (weddings, anniversaries), spectacular "mixes" of liqueurs, juices and other ingredients are increasingly served. Talk to the bartender - he will tell you what will make the most vivid impression on the guests. 

You can prepare some cocktails yourself (with the help of someone you know) by using some useful kitchen tools or accessories. Parties are the times for surprises!


On holidays, wine, as a rule, performs either a "function" of accompanying gastronomy, or goes to an aperitif. For example, sparkling wine (cava, prosecco) is great to welcome guests; and light mineral white wines go well 15-20 minutes before the feast.

In general, all the main "styles" of wines should be in stock: 

  • Sparkling. This is not only a good "welcome drink", but also a suitable festive drink if you need to raise an important toast. 
  • Still reds. It is worth buying both light and full-bodied (“powerful”) wines. The first one is suitable for socializing over a glass, the second for main courses. 
  • Still whites. If the holiday takes place in the summer, white dry and semi-dry wines will be a good accompaniment to appetizers, salads, fish, chicken, white meat. In addition, they successfully quench thirst. 

As for the organization of such a "wine bar", you should think about all the details in advance. Drinks should be served in the right glassware (buy universal glasses) and chilled. By the way, in large cities you can contact a special tasting bureau for help.

Strong beverage

If your "card" means vodka, then there will be no particular difficulties with it. Cool to a temperature of 3-4 degrees and serve (you can do it somehow effectively and beautifully). 

The rest are options. Most often, “imported” spirits are divided into two impromptu categories: “cognac / whiskey” and “everything else”.

So: for the first noble drink, it is worth serving special dishes (especially if you really bought expensive whiskey and want to open bottles at a certain important moment). Under everything else, you can find ordinary shots - as a rule, tequila and sambuca are drunk "fragmentally", chaotically and without any ceremony. 

Important: do not save on strong alcohol and buy it only in trusted places. Best of all - in large chain supermarkets or specialized boutiques.

Soft drinks 

It is impossible to have the party without it. Do not forget - the main non-alcoholic drink on the festive table should be good mineral water (without gas and with a low level of mineralization). It will be great if, for example, you add a little lemon juice, mint leaves, and a small amount of sugar to it in advance. You will get a kind of "homemade lemonade".

Of course, it is very difficult to refuse purchased juices and soda. However, in this "case" you can demonstrate your own taste. 

Pick up atypical drinks. As an option - sour pomegranate juice (it is very suitable for the party) or natural lemonades. If you have time and opportunity, try to make something like this yourself - there are many different recipes on the Internet. 

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are an important component of any banquet that accompanies a holiday. Leaving its purchase and filing system unattended is a huge mistake. Especially in our time, when the “culture of drinking” really becomes a culture, and not an “empty sound”.

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