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The Best Wood Chips And Food Pairings You Need To Try

The barbecue season is about to heat up and there are few things that will make your food more delicious than a grilled flavor boost from wood chips. Toss them in while you are preparing the grill, then sit back as they smoke away!

When you smoke with wood chips, it is like smoking twice. First for the food itself to taste better and second because of all those wonderful smells that fill your home or backyard during an outdoor grill session!

Since different wood chunks make for different flavors, the key is to figure out what wood is compatible with the dish you are preparing.

1. Apple Wood Chips 

The best way to cook with apple wood is when you smoke chicken, turkey or fish. Pair your favorite recipes together with herb sauce and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for an elegant but easy weeknight dinner guests will not want to disappear fast!

2. Cherry Wood Chips

Cherry is a popular wood choice for smoking because it imparts little to no flavor on its prey. It works equally well with all meats and vegetables alike, making this hard-to-find fruit easy to enjoy at every meal! If you are looking for something extra special try serving your dinner over chilled Merlot or Pinot Noir – both wines are ideal partners when paired together as they complement each other's fruity flavors while still maintaining their own individual character intact.

The soft reds will go perfect alongside the gentle sweetness of cherries; however, anything from white grapes could work too such a downfall being that these beverages tend not be quite so heavy upon tasting buds (especially if there is not much alcohol present).

3. Pecan Wood Chips

There are many benefits to using pecan wood for smoking. It has a rich sweet and nutty flavor that is stronger than most fruitwoods, but not as strong as hickory or oak - which is good if you want your food to taste better! Pecan also goes well with all meats because it complements their natural flavors nicely without overwhelming them too much; just remember never use plain old grocery store-bought firewood when making ribs (that would be terrible).

4. Oak Wood Chips

If you are looking for a woody, smokey flavor that goes well with all meats and seafood then take your pick from Oak. This mild, yet rich flavor goes great with all meats and seafood – it is no wonder this sauce has quickly become one our favorite ingredients!

I recommend pairing this mild-flavored offering next to an elegant Cabernet Sauvignon Glass.

5. Hickory Wood Chips

Hickory woods add a rich, pungent flavor to smoked foods.

It has been used for centuries to preserve meat. These hardwoods give off a sweet flavor when heated, making them ideal with some types of food like beef brisket or whole chickens; other times you can use it just because we think that smoke flavoring goes well together!

You can play around with wood blends - if you want to try something more adventurous. Oak is a great base and pairs well with apple, cherry or hickory woods; meanwhile its counterparts such as pearwood (a spicy/sweet scent) will make for an interesting mix!

Smoking food is a great way to add additional flavor and texture, but make sure you do not go overboard with your smoking spice! Ideally, only half of total cooking time should be spent on the process. closely monitor smoke while doing it right - white streaming out in gentle streams means that everything's going well; billowing black clouds mean something has gone wrong or maybe even too much wood was used for this batch (maybe some old newspapers would work better).

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