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Smokin’ News: Fuma Has New Choices

Smoking enthusiasts pay attention! Homia has upgraded their original smoking gun set and now has more accessories and flavors to choose from! 

Fuma Smoking Gun’s original set was equipped with its own smoking lid with easy access for the gun’s hose. It engulfed food items including sweets, in delicious smoke; packed with 2 mesh sets and 3 kids of wood chips, Fuma was the smoking gadget for great tasting food and drink!

Now, this young company has “up their game” releasing all new smoking gun sets! They have created 3 different smoking gun sets all including 5 mesh sets and 7 wood chip flavors giving the recipient a vast variety of tastes and endless combinations! 

The first kit includes some amazing products like, smoking gun, cup cover disk, batteries, cleaning brush, 7 sets of wooden chips, 5 mesh set. The second version also includes a cleaning brush, the third dome shape cover, smoking cocktail ball. These new kits come with distinctive accessory packs different from each other. The most luxurious of these includes  cup cover disk, ball cover, 7x wooden chips, cleaning brush, smoking cocktail ball. Pack number 2 does/t fall far behind with the same accessories plus a TALL ball cover. Finally, the last 2 packs are made with our bartender friends in mind with 1 smoking cocktail ball and the fourth is the disk cup cover by itself. 

As you can see some of these include Fuma’s traditional accessories from the previous model like the dome and the cup cover; and a little something new for the bartending aficionado with the cocktail ball. This little accessory is ideal for mixing and smoking drinks, but the best part is being able to drink right out of it!  

One of the selected 7 are peach wood chips, the most unique and sweet of the bunch is the centerpiece of mystery and possibility. Mix it with desert, breakfast and dinner; how fun would it be to make a peach cobbler and smoke it with peach wood chips! Homia has made these sets with the collinary experiment and creativity that lives inside of us! 

Every box is a little case of magic tools with 7 variety of flavors and 5 mesh sets just in case you lose any. It’s the ultimate toy box for those of us that love to spend time in the kitchen! 

Homia is a young company founded in 2017 dedicated to create smart kitchen appliances for the busy parents of America. Homia’s founder Sergii Kaidash, originally from Ukraine, first started his own business in the toy industry for more than a decade ago in said country. After becoming a parent himself, Kaidash noticed the alarming difference in the market between high quality products and even higher prices.

The groundwork of the birth of Homia had begun, after a successful business venture in Europe Kaidash took a leap and brought new innovating ideas to American soil. 

“Homia was founded in order to create helpful products, which could make customers’ lives easier,” said Kaidash. 

Homia was built with the intention of breaching the gap between high quality products and the growing inflation in the American market. Kaidash decided to take matters into his own hands and manufacture a product that was high quality and affordable for the average person, thus creating smart products “with people in mind.”

“How do I like working at Homia? It’s hard to explain, I'm involved in developing new products to some extent, so it's exciting and creative, I like it!” said Demchenko.

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