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Zucchini Egg Cake

Zucchini ¼ a cup
Egg ½ a cup
Purified water 200ml / 6,7oz


  • Peel the Zucchini and cut it into cubes about 0.6 in. Put it into the steaming basket;
  • Add water into the tank below Max mark and steam for 15 mins;
  • Put the steamed Zucchini together with an egg, right amount flour and water in the bowl, and stir. (If the mixture is too thick, it means one egg is not enough. If the egg batter can not flow naturally on the pan and the baked cakes are very thick-it means water is not enough);
  • Pour the base oil into the pan and brush evenly. Then pour the egg batter into the pan and turn the handle of pan to make the egg batter flow naturally until it is spread all over the pan bottom. (Cut into four pieces and then turn it over easily).

Device: Baby Food Processor

Food: Vegetables

Age: 10+ month old baby

Its water content is very high ( 95% ), but the content of vitamins and minerals is relatively low, the nutritilonal value Is average . It is a very common vegetable. It is not only suitable to be used in fried food, but also can be made into the zucchini egg cake.