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Purple Sweet Potato Toast

Toast 1
Purple sweet potato 1
Banana 1
Milk 20 ml
Purified water 200ml / 6,7oz


  • Peel the purple sweet potato and cut into cubes about 0.6 in. Add water into water tank below Max mark. Then put it into steaming basket and steam for 15 minutes;
  • Let the steamed purple potato cool for a while and add it together with 20 ml milk into the cup. Do not stop stirring until puree is done. (The fineness of the puree can be adjusted according to the baby's chewing ability);
  • Coat the toast evenly with purple potato puree;
  • Cut the banana to pieces, put it on the toast and serve. Additionally you may wrap up the toast to make a roll of the size, that the baby can grasp in
    one hand.

Device: Baby Food Processor

Food: Toast

Age: 10+ month old baby

Purple sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, selenium and anthocyanin. Dietary fiber can ease baby's constipation and the selenium is good for baby intelligence development. Besides, the content of anthocyanin in purple sweet potato is close to blueberry and black Lycium. It can promote the development of baby's vision and is a very economical anthocyanin food.