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Spinach Puree


Purified water 200ml / 6,7oz


  • Remove the roots after washing the spinach;
  • Add water into the tank below MAX, put the spinach into steaming basket to steam for 15 minutes, this will remove oxalic acid to prevent calcium absorption;
  • Pour the steamed spinach into the stirring cup, keep the broth, and stir until the spinach puree is fine and smooth;
  • The stirred spinach puree is very fine and smooth, can be mixed into rice paste, porridge to feed baby, also can be mixed with eggs for egg soup.

Device: Baby Food Processor

Food: Vegetables

Age: 4 - 6 month old baby

Carotene in spinach can be transformed into vitamin A in human body, maintaining normal vision and epithelial cel health and increasing the ability to prevent infection to promote baby's growth and development. Also, spinach is rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and a certain amount of iron, vitamin E, and other beneficial components which can supply a variety of nutrients for human body. Besides, it can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia.