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Apple Puree

Apple ½
Purified water 200ml / 6,7oz


  • Wash the apple, remove the seeds and cut it into small chunks about 0.6in, then put them into the steaming basket;
  • Add water into the tank below MAX, then steam for 15 minutes;
  • Pour the steamed apple into stirring cup, keep the broth, and stir until the apple puree is fine and smooth.

Device: Baby Food Processor

Food: Vegetables

Age: 4 - 6 month old baby

    Apple is rich in minerals and vitamins, and it supplies calcium, phosphorus for baby to prevent Rickets. Also it has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach and adjusting the vitality and nourishing the blood, with a better therapeutic effect for baby's iron deficiency anemia. Even more, it is also more suitable for indigestion by spleen deficiency babies, and apple puree is easier to digest.