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Thanksgiving Day 2018: Tips and Ideas How to Spend the Holiday

November 19, 2018

thanksgiving tips and ideas

Thanksgiving is a joyful time to gather all of your family, yes even those annoying cousins Julie and Brain that you see once a year, and enjoy a feast in honor of togetherness. This long held holiday has been passed down to generations of Americans and each one added its own new tradition that we come to know today.

So many traditions that we take for granted that we don’t really notice them because they come natural to us! We’re talking about everything from decor to typical thanksgiving recipes!

Now let’s see if you have any  of these thanksgiving family traditions in your home.

Thanksgiving Decor

thanksgiving decor

Everyone knows that thanksgiving is turkey season, but what are do go to’s for thanksgiving home decor? Well the main colors for this holiday are beige, brown, white, orange and more brown. However, despite the color combo you can do awesome little project to liven up your home and impress your guests.

  • DIY: Make little projects that won’t hurt your dollar! Like little name tags on your guest’s plate or place at the table! This is also great for kids, it will keep them busy while you plan out the rest of the evening and it will make them feel like their helping!
  • Centerpiece: Yes napkins are important, especially if you want to keep that gravy off the floor! Keep the colors fresh (no brown please!) green, mustard yellow and even orange will do the trick and complement your silverware.
  • Tabletop: Many people have specific pheasant decorated china they ONLY use in thanksgiving. Now for those of us that do not own the fancy bird china, you have the choice of matching your plates to your napkin set or, to not be so matchy matchy, get a set that complements your napkins. For example, if your napkins are blue have your plates be yellow and the rest of the decor gold!

P.S. Don’t forget to break out that gravy boat you got at your wedding!

  • Scent: You definitely don’t want your house smelling like stuffing even if you have been slaving in your kitchen! Scented candles and essential oil burners are your best friends! Pick out scents that will make your guests go “mmmh, did you bake that?” it will bring you great satisfaction when you say “yes, yes I did” when you know it’s Glades that has your back!
  • Kid Table: This is VERY important, never ever forget the kids table! You will regret it! Set a small table with kid safe crafts (or nintendo DS) near the adult table! This will keep the little ones busy while you serve dinner, kids first of course!\

The Age of TV

  • NFL: This one for all your football fans out there! It never fails, every year your local family men (and women) gather around the TV to “watch” or scream at the game. Yes! this has become the bufe subculture of America. Yet, mom won’t have it! So you guys better record the game because thanksgiving is family time!
  • TV: For the not so sporty families, they usually set up a kids movie on Netflix, if they have many children. Others watch a family friendly movies of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York!

Kiddy School Plays

Ah yes the thanksgiving school play where proud parents gather with their smart phone and go live on facebook recording there tiny first grader dressed a broccoli.

 For many of us it was our first taste of theatre! The entire class dressed up as veggies, a turkey, pilgrims and Native Americans telling a very short version of the tale of thanksgiving!  

Background Check

thanksgiving history

Now really what what day is thanksgiving other than a giant spread of food surrounded by hungry-starving family? Because you KNOW they haven’t eaten to make room for such a meal!

Well, in case you didn’t know the history of thanksgiving is one of “happy endings” emerging from tragedy and famine set in 17 century America. It turns out that those pilgrims in your kid’s school play had a very rough start in order to get to America. Originally this pilgrims were persecuted by the English Anglican Church because of their religious beliefs. After fleeing to Holland they heard how other european settlers were practicing their beliefs freely and so the journey began.

It wasn’t easy at all since the voyage was a rocky one and once they arrived almost a month later, the terrain and weather conditions were harsh! Almost half of the population died from exposure and disease. After around a year of pain and famine, the nobel tribe of Patuxet decided to help these newcomers learn about the land, how to hunt, crop, build and basically how to live in this new land.

After a bountiful harvest there was a big feast to celebrate their survival, where 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims attended bringing pheasants, deer and hogs! They celebrated together for three days and two nights giving thanks! They lived together as neighbors for more than 50 years!

Of Course FOOD!

thanksgiving dinner

  • Birds and meats: It isn’t a feast without the meats! Thanksgiving turkey is number one! Made right it's fat, juicy and golden. However a giant bird isn't enough, there shall be ham! There’s nothing better than a nicely roasted ham using our Droid air fryer with honey glaze and cinnamon plugs garnished with pineapple slices and cherries!
  • Never enough pies: Now, we have no idea what it is about thanksgiving that it is required to have three specific pies on the table!
  1. Pumpkin - You have no choice on this one! Pumpkin pie is the “go to desert” on thanksgiving! Made from scratch with all natural pumpkin puree on our Infano baby food maker, built for a lot more than just baby food! Also, it save you so much time, especially when you have to make two more pies!
  2. Pecan - The smell alone will drive you crazy! Toasted pecan baked atop of creamy caramel filling made in our Droid air fryer for a lot less time than an oven! This treat can be eaten hot or cold, but traditionally it’s served fresh with a scoop of vanilla icecream on top and dig in before it melts!
  3. Apple - It doesn't get more American than apple pie right!? Well you must have a bit of every pie, veggie, nut and fruit! This is why it took the original settlers 3 days to finish the feast, you know what they say, “go big or go home!”
  • MUST haves on the table: No thanksgiving meal is complete without these dishes that can be made with any of our Homia appliances!
  1. Sweet potato pie - Yes another pie, you shouldn’t be surprised at this point! This pie is slightly different since its actually a dinner pie not a dessert! Made with all natural sweet potato, chopped, steamed and pureed in out Infano baby food maker. Some mix in raisins and this side dish give a sweet compliment to the turkey.
  2. Stuffing - This one can be different for each family and their own background! Most people don’t actually stuff there tukey! It’s a mix of pork shoulder with herbs like sage, onions, dried cranberries and much more! Even though this is a side dish many people call it a dressing.
  3. Gravy - Definitely get your gravy boat ready because this is going on EVERYTHING, not just mash potatoes!
  4. Cranberry sauce - because why not more cranberries? This is yet another sauce tham many hungry Americans love to put on their turkey along with the stuffing!
  5. Casserole
  • Leftovers FOR LIFE - Everyone know that there’s going to be leftovers and when we say leftovers, we mean you’re going to be eating turkey and company till December comes. Then before you know it here comes Christmas dinner and you’re ready to EAT again!

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