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Menu Samples for a One-Year-Old

June 13, 2019

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So your little one had their first birthday and you are over the moon with excitement! It’s been one heck of a journey since they first handed your baby in the hospital and you met this tiny bundle that would become your whole world! You did your very best as new mommy feeding them, bathing them, loving them and so much more! Especially creating a healthy menu for that tiny baby! Now that they are 1 they can eat “people food” but it’s very important to create a yummy-healthy one year old meal plan free from bad habits we adults are prone to since as children grow, they model what the grownups around them do and eat; so the healthier you eat, so will your growing toddler!   

According to experts food for 1 year olds need to be rich in healthy fats, cholesterol and protein for a healthy development! They need a diet of at least 1,000 calories (130 g. of carbs and 16 g, of protein).

Let’s start with breakfast!

Option 1-  Baby Oats and Prunes oatmeal. This recipe is exceptional for 1 year old babies and super easy to make with our Infano baby food maker, both prunes and oat are filled with helpful fiber for a strong digestive system. Prunes also have key vitamins and minerals like potassium and magnesium to help with your little one’s development.

NOTE - You can freeze for a couple of months and avoid radiating your baby’s food using Infano as a baby food defroster!

Option 2 - Banana Pancakes are one the best way for your baby to develop their moderskills nibbling on some yummy finger food! If you ever had doubts on what to feed 1 year old, look no further! This recipe is an amazing source of potassium for your baby’s health made in just a couple of minutes, it's one of our favorite Homia recipes!

BONUS - You can use the recipe for the batter and adjust it for air fried waffles using our Homia air fryer! Pour in the batter in the Droid waffle mold, set the timer for 10 min. at 395 F. degrees and presto!

Option 3 - Zucchini Egg Cake is the best combo of fiber and protein! This recipe is sure to fill up your little one till snack time! Made with our Homia Infano and Droid air frye is made in under 10 min. using Droid’s baking pans you can make the cake any shape you’d like!

Time for a snack! One year old babies tend to eat more than 3 times a day, which is normal for adults, but not for kiddos. Babies need milk, formula or breast milk before nap time or in between meals for a healthy source of calcium.  

Option 1 - Banana Oat Cookies yummy-chewy treats perfect for a teething baby! Sweet, yet nutritious, packed with fiber and potassium. Again, like our other recipes, mix with infano and bake with Droid and boom! Healthy cookies (good for mommy and me!)

Option 2 - Purple Sweet Potato Bread Fiber on fiber? We can’t get enough, neither can baby! A creamy finger dish is just what baby needs for their growing teeth and motor skills!

Option 3 - Apple Muffins a sweet alternative to applesauce! Chewy fiber packed muffins are a great snack for morning munchies or a tasty-healthy snack after dinner! This recipe is another work of art with our Infano-Droid combo punch, good for any  1 year old feeding schedule and big kids too! These amazing and easy to use appliances are the best options to buy home goods online! Eco-friendly, easy to clean and manuber! The best appliances when you’re on a time crunch, especially when you’re busy parents.

Ring the bell, it’s lunch time! Depending on what baby is having for breakfast or dinner will determine if baby should have a heavy or light lunch!

Option 1 - Steamed Veggie Puree is a nice light option that soothes baby’s stomach filled with iron and vitamins for your little one to grow big and strong! Broccoli contains Vitamins K, E, C and A, it also provides magnesium, potassium, calcium, folate, iron and many more. Carrots have many of the same nutrients as broccoli and it also adds fiber to your baby’s diet.

Option 2 - Whipped Cauliflower The creamy goodness of sweet tasting cauliflower will make your baby’s apatite’s bloom in joy! The tart of the white veggie will fill up that little stomach and help with digestion and bone growth since it’s packed with fiber and calcium!

Option 3 - Chicken Nuggets air fried-healthy finger food filled with protein that will satisfy your 0ne-year old’s monster appetite, keeping them away from Mikiee Dee’s and in your kitchen wanting more as they grow!  

Dinner anyone? Dinner is usually the last meal of the day which typically means it’s the heaviest meal of the day, yet is important to not overfeed your baby to avoid heartburn or acid reflux when their sleeping. That’s why it’s best to have a heavy breakfast and lunch, but a light and fluffy dinner!

Option 1 - Chicken Puree helping your baby grow one spoonful at a time! Creamy chicken is not only better for digestion, it is also a great source for vitamin B6 which is super important for a fast growing baby!

Option 2 - Peas and Sweet Potato Puree Fiber, iron, magnesium and many more important vitamins mixed in a sweet creamy mixture for a smoother digestion as baby sleeps!

Option 3 - Asparagus Risotto Puree A green option of healthy fats, amino acids and chlorophyll for healthy organ development and stronger teeth, “the better to bite you with my dear! Just kidding!  

These recipes are packed with essential carbs. And proteine toy help your one year old to stay on track in their development and a healthy diet! It’s better to introduce healthy and clean eating habits at the beginning of the child’s life to make sure they keep those eating habits as they grow!


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