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How to Succeed at Your New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Life

January 02, 2019

new year resolutions

The year has ended and we are so excited to see what the 2019 brings! Here at Homia we got our hands full with new year resolutions! What are yours?

We love to see our lovely people plan out goals for the new year, after all we make only the best Homia appliances with you in mind! We asked ourselves where does this concept comes from? What is history of new year's resolutions?


Every year you take your pen and paper and make your endless list of things you want to do for the new year. You’ve been doing this ever since you can write! Your mom taught you how to make you “wish list” for the year to come! But, who the heck started this tradition?

Time for a history lesson! Let’s go back ancient Babylon where great Gods were worshiped, people would go to temples and promise to these deities to be better humans for the next year. For example, they would promise to pay a debt they had with someone.

The Roman’s on their side, would start the year making promises to their God Janus and a fun fact, the month of january is named after this God so now we know where our new year resolutions come from!


There is nothing more important than keeping a healthy lifestyle that why we are so passionate about bringing to you the best kitchen appliances to your home. That’s why we came up with a couple of tips so you can keep on track with 2019 new year resolutions.

1. Make a list:

I know it sound so cliche to make a list of your resolutions but hear us out! Most people do this, they make a list of the things they want to do or want to happen in the new year. For example:

I want to lose weight this year, party less and be more focus on school, or I want to get that promotion at work.

These aren’t bad goals, but most people never meet their there resolutions by the end of the year. So the question remains how to keep new year resolutions? Well, the trick is to talk about the goal as if you already achieved it.

We know it sounds a little far fetched but if you write your list in a “I have” instead of “I want” format. Why? Because you’re rewiring your brain to think you already have what you want and won’t lose focus. For example,

Instead of “I want to lose weight,” be more specific and say “I lost 50 pounds in 3 months” or “I lost 10 pounds in 1 month.” When you do this everyday you’ll see that you want to stop eating foods that are bad for you and want to be more active because this technique will help you NOT to forget your goals!

Of course here at Homia, we can lend a helping hand with our kitchen assistants specific for cooking healthy foods and treats when you buy home goods online. Especially our droid air fryer that makes all your fav. Cheat foods without the carbs, so is it really cheating?

2. Don’t fill your plate:

Now that we gave you our secret, we know you’re excited but DON’T GO OVERBOARD! Be realistic and write affirmations you know you can accomplish. Like losing 50 pounds in 3 months or less, that’s doable. Now, becoming CEO of the company where you work at in a year, when you are starting as a receptionist. We are sure you can do it but it’s likely that this will not happen in one year.  

So be good to yourself, let’s take the receptionist example again, your goal should sound something like ”I am promoted to supervisor before the year ends.” or “I have a raise in my salary in six months.”

3. A picture is worth a thousand words:

Back to losing weight, do you have a picture of yourself in your ideal weight? Print out a small or regular size copy of that picture and place it on your bathroom mirror. You can place it anywhere you like, just make sure is somewhere you pass by everyday like the kitchen or vanity mirror.

The mind is a powerful thing the more you see it the more you believe it to be real and so, it will happen. We recommend for the picture be of yourself in this case because you want to form realistic expectations according to your specific body type.

In other cases like let’s say you want to move to a better house in a year; take pictures of your top 3 realistic options and place them on your vanity. We say realistic because everything depends on your budget, so for this option your list should say, “I make enough money to buy my dream home and live comfortably.” Why? Because you don’t want to JUST buy the house, you want to know you can pay it without worry and live in harmony.

4. Journal:

While time passes and you are doing these mental exercises, you want to know if its working and note the changes happening in real time. Then go back and read, you’ll be surprised to find that all your goals or affirmations have come true through the law of attraction and consistency.

5. Give yourself props:

Your journal will help you keep tabs on the big picture, but don’t forget to give yourself some love on those small goals! Each time you say no to a sugary or fatty treat when trying to lose weight say “Yay me!.” On the same case, when you eat an apple when your craving something sweet, love yourself and celebrate even if it’s for a minute in front of the mirror, you deserve it!

We hope these tips help you keep your 2019 new year resolutions! Don’t forget to tag us or shoot us a comment on our social media channels! We want to know how these tips worked for you! We want to wish all our lovely people happy holidays and a happy new year!

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