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How to Introduce Solid Foods to Baby with Infano

April 02, 2019

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Knowing what and when to feed your baby can prove to be challenging most of the time; especially when you are a new mom! The first and most important tip is to keep in mind that every baby is different. So, maybe some of the tips that you find on the Internet or written on books will not apply to your baby.


When your little one has just been born with those tiny squinting eyes and have that amazing baby smell that you wish could last forever! They usually drink breast milk for at least the first few months of their life (0-4), but some mamas keep breastfeeding until their baby is at least 2 years old. In many other cases, some moms can’t breastfeed so the opt for formula.   


Typically newborn babies only eat breast milk and/or formula for their first trimester, according to experts, a baby should continue to be fed milk until their well into 7 or 8 months of age.

As a new mom (and sometimes as an old mom) you search the Internet for the perfect mom “how to book,” but come up short because every mommy book out there have great tips based on their experience with their baby, but again, every baby is different. Many studies say to introduce formula after baby’s first three months, but what if breast milk isn't keeping your baby full? It's always good to have a bottle close by, as long as your baby’s tummy can handle it...you're in the clear!

So when to start solid food? First of all, before we begin on all the dos and don’ts about this sticky subject, we should ask what are solid foods? Well, it certainly does not mean chicken and rice that’s for sure!

Solid food for babies are mashed or blended purees of different fruits and veggies that your baby CAN eat! We stress the word “can” because at the age of 6 months there’s only so much a baby can digest. For example, broccoli maybe a little too strong for some babies tummies unless it's steamed when you make baby food.

For a 6 month old infant one of the best options for a first meal is Banana Milk Puree made with the Infano baby food maker. This recipe promotes healthy digestion and it is rich in potassium. It's important to make the puree with a ripe banana since it’s easier on your little one’s digestive track. If your baby is still on breast milk, you can mix it in with the baby food for those key nutrients!

Another amazing recipe from our first time baby food recipes is the Avocado Milk Puree also made with Homia baby food maker! Rich in fatty acids and Omega 3. Avocado, like the banana helps with digestion and is a well known healthy fat good for developing a healthy heart!

When testing out recipes for baby, always keep in mind that your baby will guide you toward their likes and dislikes. However, for the first 4 to 6 months keep away from sugary fruits and hard to digest veggies; in many cases, steamed veggies are the best for little tummies and with our Homia baby food maker you can steam and blend!


Meet moms number one worry ALLERGIES! Food allergies are virtually undetectable until it's too late or, you go to a special allergy doctor to get a test done for potential allergens. However, this last option is too extreme for babies, so yes its terrifying for a mom since you don’t really know if your little one is allergic to anything yet!

Your best and safest bet is to keep baby away from any foods that are common allergens like gluten, soy, fish, shellfish, nuts, whole milk or dairy, strawberries and eggs.

Some mommies have no problem with giving their baby eggs and whole milk, even before 9 months. Many feed their baby cheese and chicken as their first meals whem baby reaches 10-11 monthes, meanwhile some babies can’t tolerate such heavy food so young; it always depends on the baby, they will let you know.

Don’t worry! It’s very unlikely that your baby will be allergic to all, if any of these foods. Always be sure to consult with your pediatrician.


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