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How To Create A Minimalist Kitchen Design

April 23, 2019 1 Comment

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We love to cook delicious meals we want to eat, but when your kitchen is unorganized, doing what you love can become a nightmare! Clutter can come in any shape and size creating the feeling of overwhelm! We know the struggles that a messy kitchen can cause like misplacing ingredients, equipment and even dishes!

We want to avoid you this tragedy and share our inspiration build upon the newest lifestyle trends in home decor! We believe a minimalist kitchen design is the right move to keep your piece of mind and make amazing recipes for your friends and family!

But First, What is Minimalism?

Those the name Marie Kondo ring a bell? She is a home organizer that literally wrote the book on minimalis “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up.” Her reorganizing philosophy has inspired millions to turn their lifestyle around, so much so that she hosts her own Netflix series.

Minimalism means to get rid of or donate those items that you don’t need or don’t use anymore. So, we decided to introduce a minimalist kitchen! Where you reorganize everything in your kitchen, not only to look amazing, but to be more efficient!

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas


The best place to start is in your refrigerator, this area is easily disorganized when you go grocery shopping or have leftovers. We humans are visual creatures so when we don’t see something like the lemon juice that got pushed to the back of the fridge, it will spoil.    

To avoid losing money and wasting food it's important to assign the shelves in your refrigerator to food groups like:

  • FIRST SHELF - dairy products and breakfast items, ergo ham, cheese, eggs, butter, jams, etc.  
  • SECOND SHELF - Leftovers (on one side) and juice, milk and tall drinks and large containers (on the other side)
  • THIRD SHELF - Large vegetables and sauces (e.g. ketchup and mayonnaise)
  • DRAWERS - Nuts, tofu, small ziplock veggies, fruits and small items.
  • FRIDGE DOOR - Bread, bagels, etc

Then throw out any expired items or food that you don’t like anymore, like candies and sodas if you’re dieting!

They say taking the first step is always the hardest! So is always best to start with baby steps. Start by selecting an area of your kitchen looking for small items you no longer need or use and store away for donation what can be salvaged and throw out what can’t.

Once that is taken care of move on to appliances you have collecting dust like waffle presses and broken toasters. Evaluate what you need and use the appropriate equipment like our homia kitchen appliances!

Why? Because our appliances are small and don’t take up much space! When you think about it, our designs are minimalistic and serve a proper function. Our Kafo coffee maker is so small and makes the best coffee for coffee lovers like yourself with just one button.

With Kafo you can be your own barista in seconds with just the push of a button! Our coffee maker can clean itself, super easy to store and it’s smart enough to turn itself off when it’s done making you hot delicious coffee to start your day, the right way!

homia coffee maker


First role of a minimalist kitchen are clean countertops! Everything you keep after your purge goes inside the cabinets and drawers. This way you can have easy access to your main appliances and tools. Every appliance has a function and serve its purpose, this is especially true for our homia kitchen appliances.

Take our Droid air fryer, it’s the perfect partner for college students and busy corporate climbers, since it cooks healthy meals in half the time (super efficient), its removable heating elements make it easy to clean and its compact size easy to store! Minimalist approved!

homia air fryer

Droid is such a multitasker! It  can be your “IT” appliance for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Start off your morning with a delicious Spanish Frittata With Potato and Chorizo, we know what you’re thinking, “A frittata? I don’t have time to make that!” don’t worry it should be set and ready to go in 10 minutes or less!

For lunch, try a healthy air fried pizza and for dinner balance it all out with some fish and chips by combining our fave air fries fish and classic potato wedges recipes!

Droid makes dessert too! We have only the tasties air fried cakes specially crafted for your delight! Are you a chocolate lover? Are you vegan? We have just the cake for you! You can make your favorite vegan cupcakes with our accessory pack!

homia air fryer

Homia iar fryer fits perfectly into your minimalist lifestyle!

What about Homia’s Infano baby food maker? It’s the best option for minimalist mommies looking for fast, healthy and easy baby food for their little ones! Infano can clean itself, what’s more functional than that? Most of Infano’s parts come apart and are dishwasher safe! Also, its small size makes it easy to put away for another day!

infano baby food maker

It can make so much more than baby all natural baby puree that can last up to 2 months in the freezer! It’s functionality rates are through the roof! Infano sanitizes baby bottle’s rubber nipples as well as other small items like baby’s pacifier.

Our food processor makes food for adults too! That’s right it purees a lot more than spinach, it’s great to make hummus guacamole, chicken dip, mixed veggie soup, and much more! You’ll be inspired from all the things Infanoo can do!


Come on, let’s be honest we all have one! That one drawer full of random items you have no idea where they belong so, in they go! Ergo, the Junk Drawer.

Now, you cannot have one of these in your new and shiny minimalist kitchen! To get started on this drawer will probably take all day because each item is a mystery! You have a padlock with no key, a remote control with no batteries, a McDonalds toy and all the rubber bands you’ll never need! Ah yes, what a mess.

Well, the best way to tackle this odd but very common phenomenon is to collect all the items you recognize in a separate pile. Then, go through each item and decide if you need them, need to donate or throw out.  Place the items where they belong and then turn to the streets.

Here, any item that can be donated, like those 1,001 rubber band you’ll never use, and throw in the trash anything that can’t and you honestly have no idea the origin of the object!   



Did we mention that we love dividers? There is no better way to organize your kitchen drawers than dividers. They keep every spoon and spatula in its place preventing sliding. This tool helps to avoid clutter and referring to one of your drawers as a “junk drawer!”

homia baby food maker

Wall Hooks:

Hook us up with those wall hooks! They really help with saving space and make all the pots and pans that you use within visual perspective! This way, nothing gets lost stacked on top of each other in a cabinet, making it super difficult to reach for the proper pan to prepare dinner!

This method allows the pans to breath and dry better to avoid rust and water mold making beneficial to maintain your equipment hygiene!  

Space Rack:

You can’t have an amazing dinner without spicing it up! So keep your favorite flavor giving pixie dust in an orderly manner. This way it’s so easy to find the paprika when you really need it!

This way, all your spices are easily accessible when cooking, especially when you forget an important ingredient after you had dinner started. You open the spice drawer and grab, it’s that easy. No more spoiled spices that get lost at the back of the drawer of fell and ended up in the corner of the cabinets!  

By following these simple steps, you’re well on your way to an organized kitchen and your minimalist lifestyle! Be free from clutter and open to new possibilities!

1 Response

Jessica Darcey
Jessica Darcey

May 14, 2019

I always have this problem with my refrigerator. I don’t even realise there’s a stock hiding somewhere and then it goes to waste. I’m going to try this idea. And I definitely need to check that book out. Thanks for this!

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