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10 Reasons to Fall In Love with Air Fryer

August 07, 2019

10 Reasons to Fall In Love with Air Fryer

Ah, the air fryer, a nifty little machine that has so many meal prep possibilities and it fit so well in your life that it’s selfie worthy. This kitchen gadget is welcomed in homes all over the world filling generational gaps; it is helpful to teens, moms young adults and even grandma and grandpa can take a crack at it! 

Our Droid air fryer is one of the most popular among the homia appliances because of its versatile nature. In fact, we love it so much that we decided to give you 10 reasons why you should love it too!

Let’s start from the beginning:

It has a super convenient size

Droid is JUST the right size! It’s small enough to fit in any kitchen, but large enough to cook a whole chicken!

Its unique shape and design makes it the perfect small cooking machine saving you so much space. It is also the perfect companion to a minimalist lifestyle, since it can be easily stored and put away. Out of site, but not out of mind!

It has so much potential that you won’t believe what you can do with this perfect kitchen assistant that barely takes any counter space.

You can cook just about anything 

Make amazing  air fryers recipes with Homia’s special guide packed with so many choices that you won’t be able to decide! Droid also comes with a great recipe book and accessory kit, so what’s an accessory kit? 

It’s this cool little collection of kitchen tools that you can use to cook in the air fryer, like a mini pizza pan, fish grill, cake pan, rubber cupcake and waffle molds and much more! It’s the camillian of air fryers, cooking and backing like there’s no tomorrow; have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Droid it can take anything you throw at it! 

droid recipe book

Air fryer cooking takes half the time 

In this day and age time is of the essence, so if you can make your favorite meals and still have time for those very important things on your “to do list,” then it’s worth it! 

Homia’s air fryer has the capacity of cooking for a whole family or hook you up with some grub while you study for your midterm! 

But wait, what if your not much of a chef? It’s a good thing that Droid can cook anything even if it comes in a package (premade)  or if it was made by your hands!

It’s a must for the hustle and bustle of your everyday

Droid is every busy person’s best friend with its one touch digital pad, there’s no way you can waste time finding the correct temperature!

Droid has helped moms all over the world save time in meal prep for their entire family, not just their little ones. Even with reheating leftovers, Droid is a quick and healthy alternative to microwaves.

No more serving radiated foods to your kiddos (or roommates), Homia’s air fryer helps you have your food fast on your plate without compromising yourself or taste!

It makes kiddy foods 

Snack time can sometimes be a challenge for mommies because you have to multitask between meal prepping and keeping an eye on your little ones. This machine is very precise and cooks every food item to perfection in less time than an oven or stove. 

All you need to do is “stick it in there” and forget about it until it’s done! It also protects your family against unhealthy fats and give you the opportunity to feed them healthier “junk” foods. It is the perfect tool to create yummy finger foods that are a lot easier for your growing little human to grab like our pizza in air fryer!

It’s diet friendly 

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the keto or the paleo diet Droid has your back! This air fryer has amazing recipes that you can try out. 

It is very adaptable to your needs and meal preps like breakfast high in protein. A filling lunch with some metty kabobs or a lunch on the lighter side like some air fried veggies.. To top it all off have a filling dinner if you had a lite lunch! The important elements in both keto and paleo diets is the intake of healthy fats and protein along with lots and lots of water.

The more hydrated you are the better the outcome in your overall health! So no matter what you eat, never forget that H2O!

vegetables in air fryer

It can make a mean BBQ! 

Never sacrificing taste is our motto! Droid has best air fryer recipes that will taste as if it was straight off the Barbie! 

There’s no need for the hassle of preparing and then cleaning a BBQ this air fryer is built to satisfy your every craving from juicy chicken wings to the best recipe for breaded pork chops in an air fryer you’ve ever had! 

There are no limits to what this machine can do! Your imagination and creativity is the fuel that keeps the Homia machine going! 

chicken wings in air fryer


It’s a great pastry chef

You can bake in an air fryer? Yes you can! Bake without the hassle of a big messy oven and saves so much time! 

Make cakes, cookies, pies and anything else you can think of! Droid also really easy and fun to cook with your kiddos. It’s a creative way to develop your little ones motor skills and sweet tooth all in one activity!

Make yummy treats for special occasions like cookies for Santa or just because you must have a slice of something sweet after dinner. 

cake in air fryer

It’s so easy to clean

Droid has these AMAZING detachable heating elements that ONLY Homia has patented and developed! Do you know what this means? NO MORE built up grease and food residue because you can now see inside the machine no prob! 

This magic air fryer is also dishwasher safe oh, and did we mention, everything is detachable and easy to maneuver and reattach! This makes it such an easy chore that you never lose any time. 

droid air fryer

Droid has a green thumb!

Homia’s air fryer is helpful in every scene of the word! It is carefully made with eco-friendly materials. Our planet and its environment is very important and needs to be nurtured, even the smallest effort counts. Homia is proud to contribute with our specially made kitchen assistance giving the environment a little break.  


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